A belgyógyászat gyakorlat függvényében

2007. júl. 09. (hétfő), 16:55, D. keze nyomán
Életképek, Mindennapok, Csípős, Keserű, Egyetem
06:30 - methods wakeUp() and clearComa() of class Me initiated
06:35 - dailyWorkflow() started
07:30 - leave_userspace()
08:00 - set_hospital_environment()
08:30 - methods tryToGetTasks() and tryToLearn() of class Me failed, primary_warning()
10:15 - method bePatient() of class Me called by primary_warning()
11:00 - tryToGetTasks() method of Me failed again, heavy bePatient() overload!
12:10 - method getHungry() of class Me initiated
13:00 - method tryToLearn() of class Me failed, conflict with method refuseToTeach() of class hospitalStaff
13:20 - method startThinkingAboutFuckers() of class Me and methods whyDontTheyWork() and whyDontTheyTeach() of class Unknown started
13:20 - internal error without symptomes: private methods tryToGetTasks() and tryToLearn() of class Me versus public method avoidWork() of class hospitalStaff conflicts! startThinkingAboutFuckers() overload calls methods saveYourBrain() and sneakAway()
16:00 - method makeWebsites() of class WorkAtHome started
23:00 - high memory consumption in makeWebsites(), startThinkingAboutFuckers() reactivated
23:30 - kernel panic! methods saveYourself(), avoidFatalTermination(), fuckYouAll() and lovePhotography() of class Me started
00:00 - method fallAsleep() of class Me terminates dailyWorkflow()
06:30 - methods wakeUp(), clearComa() of class Me initiated